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We keep homes healthier, safeR & more efficient!

What We Do

eliminate hidden hazards and make your home the healthiest it's ever been

Regularly scheduled maintenance visits keep your home clean, efficient, and healthy.

We can come by once a year, twice a year, or seasonally to keep your home healthy. 

Upkeep autopilot

Appliance Service

Clean Slate

Did you recently move into a new home? Or maybe you don't remember the last time someone cleaned the dryer vents?


We'll wipe the slate clean and then work with you to maintain your healthy home.


Property sitting

Going on vacation and want someone to keep an eye on things? Or live away from your home for part of the year?

We will customize a plan to take care of your property so you don't come home to surprises.

Beach Vacation

why use home upkeepers?

Keep your family safe

Save money

Healthier living

Preserve appliances

Proper upkeep prevents fire hazards & improperly working equipment. 

Simplify your life

Eliminate to-do lists and maintain your home's value with scheduled visits and simple, documented records after every visit.t.

Properly maintained appliances reduce energy costs. Save up to $2,000/year

Be proactive, not reactive 

Proactive maintenance costs less than replacement and repair costs from HVAC failure, dryer fires and more.

Breathe easier (literally) in your home with regular removal of hidden hazards like mold and dust.

Less headaches,
more time

 Home ownership doesn't come with a manual.

Skip the "how to" searches and hardware store trips - we've got you.

Just like an oil change for your car, regular upkeep reduces breakdowns & preserves lifespan.

& Tailored

We'll work with you to design a schedule and maintenance approach that meets your budget and home's needs.

what our clients are saying...

"When we bought our home, we were unaware of the condition of appliances and what needed to be maintained. We had to replace our fridge, our hot water heater, and numerous smaller items the first year because nothing had been kept up. I wish the prior homeowner had had this service and I wish we had known that we needed it before it was too late. At least now, it won’t happen to us again!"

Christina - Larchmont, NY
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